Add & Roll Out Hybrid Workplace Companies

Once the OfficeRnD Hybrid Workplaces integration is enabled, you will be taken to the page seen below. You can also click on the Hybrid Workplaces button to access it anytime.


This page lets you add and roll out companies. That is, you can add a company and keep it hidden from members until everything is ready to go (roll out). More details are below.

Features Explained

The following functionality is available:

Add Company button - opens a dialog where you can choose a company from the drop-down menu, its privacy settings, and Admin access. The privacy settings are explained below:

  • Visible to members - choose when you want member companies to test the solution and do the setup on their own, or when you are ready with the setup for them. With this setting enabled, the My Office page will appear for the selected company in the Members Portal and the mobile app. You will be charged per Active member - contact us for more details.
  • Not visible to Members - choose when you want to do the setup on behalf of companies.

Operator Account Access - Choose which of your teammates can access the Setup Portal and the My Office tab in the Members Portal.

op acc acc.png

Enable/Disable Hybrid Workplace & Privacy Settings - Click on the cogwheel (1) next to the company name, or the button in the Hybrid Workplace column (2):


A dialog opens where you can toggle Hybrid Workplace On or Off, choose its Privacy setting (Visible or Not Visible to Members), and define Admin access. The privacy and admin access settings are explained in the section above.

Hybrid Workplace Links - Open the Hybrid Workplace Admin portal where you can manage the company account or a preview of the My Office tab which the members of the company will see in the Members Portal and the mobile app.


  • The initial Admin company generated after enabling the integration is free forever.
  • The companies you add will be charged 1 GBP/EUR/USD per Member with Active status. A confirmation dialog with this information will appear when adding a company.
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