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You or a member of your team may want to bring a visitor, either occasionally or on a regular basis.  Visitors in OfficeRnD can be registered in two ways:

Learn more about the difference between guests and visitors.

Add Pre-registered Visitors

1. Open the Members Portal and navigate to My Account/Visitors.

2. Click on Add Visit.


3. In the dialog that opens, select a visitor from the drop-down menu or click on Add new visitor.


To add a new visitor, you'll have to enter their name, email, (optional) phone number, and duration of the visit. The form looks like this:


4. Choose the duration of the visit by clicking on the date and time fields. Alternatively, click on the All Day toggle and the visit will last for the entirety of the current day.

5. Choose the location.

6. When you're finished, click Add.

The visitor will appear as a record that you can edit or erase using the buttons shown here:


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