(User Guide) Install The OfficeRnD Hybrid for Google Calendar Extension


The OfficeRnD Hybrid for Google Calendar extension for Google Chrome introduces an expandable add-on to the base Calendar view. With it, users can access key hybrid workplace features inside Google Calendar, such as:

  • See their onsite meetings
  • Book desks on the Office Map
  • Plan their weekly office schedule
  • See Who's in (including Favorites)

How To Install

Note: Disabling third-party cookies may prevent the Chrome extension from working.

If you don't have it already installed, you can do so yourself (if you have permission to install Chrome extensions). Here's how:

1. Open the extension's page in the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

2. Open Google Calendar and click on Get Started:


3. Enter your work email to authenticate:


4. If you are not already logged into OfficeRnD, you will be asked to sign in with your email and password (or via SSO, if enabled):


5. Add some co-workers as Favorites (optional) and complete your onboarding.

Note: If you don't want to add any Favorites, simply close the Add Favorites dialog to continue.


Chrome Toolbar Icon

The Chrome toolbar icon for the extension lets you open the Chrome Web Store, open Google Calendar, and share your feedback.


Next Steps

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