OfficeRnD Hybrid for Google Calendar Extension

The free OfficeRnD Hybrid for Google Calendar Extension for Google Chrome offers hybrid work features inside Google Calendar. Install it (as a user or admin) and you can do the following from Google Calendar:

Show Or Hide The Header

Open Google Calendar. The extension is presented as a header placed on top in Week view. Note that only the Week view is supported by the extension.

You can show or hide the header anytime you want. Simply click on the button with the Hybrid logo (1):


View And Book Desks

There are two ways to view and book desks from Calendar.

1. Click on the Create button and choose Desk booking:


2. Click on the Book desk button under your date of choice:


Either way, you will be taken to the Office Map. Here, you can choose a location and view the available desks. Click on an unoccupied desk (marked green on the map), set your booking hours (optional), and click Book.


The More Options button lets you create recurring bookings, invite guests and visitors, and make a private booking (hidden from the schedule). You can also cancel the booking (cancellation policies may apply) and switch desks.

When you have booked a desk, you can click where the Book desk button was to find your desk on the office map:


See Who's In

At a glance, you can see how many people are on-site on a given date, and in which location:


Mouse hover and a list with the co-workers you added as Favorites will appear, showing those on-site:


Click to open the complete list of co-workers who will be present:


You can also click on the cogwheel to manage your list of Favorites:


View Meetings

Below your co-workers is a summary of the on-site meetings scheduled for the day. On-site meetings are defined as calendar events with a Meeting room booked.





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