Invoice Numbering For Different Locations


As a customer, you may want to differentiate the invoices for your locations. For example, Location 1 has the invoice numbering end with T and Location 2 (let's call it GALA) has it ending in G.

In general, this can be configured under the Settings/Billing Settings/Billing Rules/Invoice number template as seen below.

number template.png

However, please note that updating the numbering won't immediately follow your previous order, once you change it. This article will provide further detail.

Setting up the numbering

In the example below, the static part of the invoice number template includes the letter G. You are also able to insert the following properties: locationCode, month, year.


However, the Gala location's location code is also set to G:


This means that you can replace the static part with the dynamic locationCode property. The number template will become {{number}}-{{locationCode}}. This way, Flex will automatically pull the location code after the invoice number. So if you want the invoices for Gala to end with G, and the invoices for Location 1 to end in T, simply change the latter's location code to T.

Note: The location code is normally used to uniquely identify plans. It can be used in exports and to open a pre-populated sign-up page.

Number Sequence

If you have the locationCode property set to restart invoice numbering when its value has changed, the numbering will be restarted after you issue an invoice. Thus, it's best to issue an initial invoice manually with the correct number and the system will follow the sequence.

However, if you want to keep the same numbering for all invoices across all locations, de-select the locationCode checkbox.


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