Assign a Membership to a Member


You can charge your customers on a recurring basis by assigning them Memberships (also known as Subscriptions). 

OfficeRnD supports 4 types of memberships (which can be customized as well):

  • Dedicated desk – fixed membership for full-time members. Assignable to a dedicated desk on the floorplan.
  • Hot desk – flexible membership for part-time or full-time members. Assignable to an available hot desk.
  • Private office – fixed membership for full-time office rent.
  • Service – other memberships like Virtual Office.

What You'll Need

Assign a Membership to a Member

Memberships can be assigned to both members and companies. 

  1. Open the company or individual member profile.
  2. Find the Memberships section and click Add membership.
  3. Configure the membership:
    • Location (only applicable to multi-location organizations) - set the location of the membership.
    • Plan (required) - select the billing plan that will control the amenities, default price, default deposit amount, allocated credits, and day passes that will be included in the memberships. Read more on how to set up billing plans.
    • Resource (optional, applicable to memberships with a plan of type Private office or Dedicated desk) - select a resource (such as an office or a desk) to which to assign the membership.
    • Name (optional) - by default, the name of the plan is applied to the membership as well. If a resource is chosen, the name of the resource is appended to the name.
    • Price (required) - by default, the price of the plan is applied to the membership. You can change the price by applying a discount to decrease it.
    • Select Discount (optional) - select a discount to decrease the default price of the plan for the duration of the membership. The selected discount is displayed on the monthly invoices. 
    • Setup fees (applicable only if deposits or setup fees are configured in the plan) - select which of the default plan setup fees and deposits should be applied to the membership.
    • Member (optional, applicable only when assigning to companies) - assign a member to the membership if you want to distribute memberships in a certain company to specific members.

      When you added both a resource and a member on the membership, the member profile gets displayed on the floorplan. This is handy when you want to track the exact desks the company members are occupying.
    • Start Date (required) - set the start date of the membership to define when the member and the membership should become active.  You cannot make a membership Start Date start before the start date of the company.
    • End Date (optional) - set the end date of the membership to define when the membership is terminated and the member turns former. Note that setting and end date won't mark the member as former if he has other active memberships assigned, or if he is a part of a company with an active status (it has active memberships).


Note: Memberships can be assigned to both companies and members. Members can be both individuals or part of a company. It’s important to keep in mind that when memberships are assigned to members in a company, all billing is handled by the company itself, unless the Bill to member option is turned on.

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