How to Add Amenities to a Billing Plan or a Resource Rate


An office space provides members with multiple amenities to make them more comfortable and productive. They may come as part of a service, or in a booked meeting room. They are also free.

Here are a few examples of amenities: whiteboards in the meeting rooms, docking stations for the offices, Wi-Fi, etc. OfficeRnD makes it so that members purchasing a service or booking a room are always aware of the amenities they get.


How To Add Amenities

  1. Navigate to Billing/Amenities.
  2. Click Add Amenity.
  3. Input the amenity's name and icon.
  4. Click Add.


Amenities listed under Billing/Amenities can be added to billing plans and resource rates so they are then displayed on the members portal, signup page, and public calendars.

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