How To Edit an Invoice


In OfficeRnD, unpaid invoices can still have some of their components edited.

Learn everything about invoicing in OfficeRnD from this help section.

What You Can Edit

  • Issue Date
  • Due Date
  • Reference
  • Payment Method
  • Discount
  • DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity and Discount for each line item.
  • Add new line items
  • Existing fees

Editing an Existing Invoice

1. Find the invoice under Billing & Products/Invoices or by opening the profile of the member it was issued to.

2. Open the invoice and click on the Edit button.


4. Change the invoice attributes you want.

5. Click Update.


What Happens With PDF Invoices?

If OfficeRnD is configured to generate invoice documents, it will automatically re-generate the PDF document editing the invoice. You can download and review the updated document from the Export button.


If you have configured an accounting system to generate the invoice documents, the PDF document will be automatically updated after the changes on the invoice are synced. 

How can I Generate a PDF Document From Another Invoice Template in OfficeRnD?

If you have configured more than one invoice template in OfficeRnD, you can use the Generate PDF button to select a template and generate a new version of the invoice document. 

If you don't see the Generate PDF button, that means that the invoice documents are generated by the accounting system you integrated with OfficeRnD. 

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