The following steps will help you set up your OfficeR&D and Capsule integration.

Connect Capsule to OfficeRnD

The Capsule integration can be enabled by going to Settings/Integrations and expanding the CRM section. Find Capsule there and hit Activate to do that. After doing that, Capsule will appear in the section that lists all active integrations.

The Connect button on the right of the integration's box can be used to link your Capsule account to OfficeRnD. The button will open a pop-up that will ask you for your Capsule credentials. Enter them and hit Continue to connect the two accounts.


The integration can sync organisations, people and opportunities from Capsule into OfficeR&D. There are a number of configurations which allow you to manage how the sync process is happening and what exactly to be synced. Let's go through the configuration options one by one.

Tags to sync

You have the ability to filter which people and organizations are synced from Capsule into OfficeR&D. The filtering is achieved by using Capsule tags. Each entity in Capsule can be tagged. If you specify a certain tag in the Tags to sync field only people and organizations with this tag will be synced over. There are 2 different ways to limit what is synced over:

  • tag_a, tag_b  - enumerating tags and using a comma to separate them will sync all entities that have either of the two tags
  • [tag_a, tag_b] - surrounding the tags with brackets will sync only entities that have both tags assigned

Sync opportunities

Checking the sync opportunities option will sync not only people and organization but also all opportunities related to them. If you are using Capsule as a database for all your customers but you are not managing leads within it then you can leave this field unchecked.

However, if you decide to use opportunities an additional configuration has to be done which maps Capsule milestones to OfficeR&D statuses. In OfficeR&D you can manage those by going into Settings/Community/Opportunity statuses. Capsule milestones are managed in Settings/Opportunity milestones.

Once you have all those configured you'll have to just map them accordingly. Once you check the Sync opportunities option a new Opportunity statuses tab will appear on the top of the dialog.

All you have to do there is just assign the respective mappings.

Sync organization contacts even if untagged

If you have specified Tags to sync then only certain entities are going to be transferred from Capsule. But let's say you are tagging only organizations in Capsule because tagging every person inside those would be a pain. However, you want to sync only the organizations you've tagged with the people belonging to them.

Usually, people won't get transferred over as they are not tagged. If you check this option, however, all people belonging to those organizations will be synced.

Enable auto sync

Checking this option will automatically sync all data from Capsule into OfficeR&D every 15 minutes. If the option is unchecked you will have to manually go and hit the sync button when you want your data transferred over.

Offices tab

If you have more than one location then you will want each person or organization to be synced from Capsule with its respective OfficeR&D location property set. However, there is no way for Capsule to know anything about member locations so once again we use tags.

In the Offices tab, you can specify a set of tags for each Location (you can check locations in Space/Locations) meaning that if a member with such tag is found in Capsule it will be assigned to that respective location when being synced over to OfficeR&D.

Synced Properties

It's important to note that OfficeR&D syncs the following properties from Capsule.


  • Name
  • Email
  • Twitter handle
  • Url
  • Office (by using tags)


  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Twitter handle
  • Team
  • Office (by using tags)


  • Name
  • Date
  • Probability
  • Dealsize
  • Status

Any changes to the properties above will be updated in OfficeR&D upon sync.

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