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The following steps will help you set up and configure an integration between OfficeRnD and Google Calendar.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab, click on ‘Integrations’ and look for Google Calendar in the Other integrations section. Click 'Activate' to enable the integration.
  2. Once the integration is active it will appear in the list of active integrations on the top of the page. The integration needs to be configured - to do so, click 'Configure':
    You will see the following guide for your Google Calendar integration:
  3. Click on the link (Google calendar) in the first step of the instructions to connect OfficeRnD to your Google Calendar account. 
  4. Follow Google's instructions to authenticate OfficeRnD to connect to your Google Calendars.
  5. Paste the Google token back in OfficeRnD and click Authenticate
  6. Next click Configure:
  7. Select a Google Calendar page from the drop-down menu for each of the listed meeting rooms. This will enable you to synchronize bookings created in Google Calendar to your OfficeRnD meeting rooms.
NOTE: Each OfficeRnD resource should be mapped to a unique calendar in Google, otherwise it's possible to have overlapping bookings in the Google Calendar.
Example: Two meeting rooms are mapped to the same calendar and are booked at the same time.
Upon syncing the two bookings will appear under the same calendar in Google, which could cause confusion.

      8. Select 'Enable Auto Sync' if you want to have OfficeRnD automatically synchronize with Google Calendar.

IMPORTANT: The Google Calendar doesn't have the same validation as the one in OfficeRND.
If there are multiple bookings for the same slot in the Google Calendar, they will all be synced to the OfficeRND calendar.

      9. Click 'Done'.

IMPORTANT: Bookings created in Google Calendar cannot be accounted for on the OfficeRnD side and they are displayed in a read-only state. This means those bookings cannot be charged through OfficeRnD. The same is applicable for bookings that were created in Google Calendar and you need to Delete - this option will be available only in the Google Calendar where the booking was made (deleting the booking in OfficeRnD won't be possible).
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  • Would be cool if this integration worked with Google Calendar 'Rooms,' but I understand there are other things to work on that are much more important!  :)


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