The OfficeRnD integration with PayDock lets you fully automate any invoice payments in your space. All you need to do is:

  • Connect PayDock to OfficeRnD.
  • Configure a default gateway to be used.
  • Start charging your members through your favorite payment provider.

Examine the payment gateways OfficeRnD exposed to you via PayDock

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!

How to activate and authenticate PayDock

  1. Open the OfficeRnD admin portal.
  2. Go to Settings/Integrations/Payments and find Paydock.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. Click Configure. You will be prompted with the following dialog:


In order for the integration to work, you need to provide your PayDock credentials so that the two systems can communicate. The credentials you need are API Secret Key and API Public Key. You can find them in your PayDock account.

Navigate to My Account/API & Settings. Copy the two keys and paste them into the Configure Paydock dialog in OfficeRnD, then click Authenticate.

The Use PayDock sandbox environment? checkbox allows you to connect to a test account in PayDock. You can sign-up for a test account and use it before signing up for a real one.

Once this is done, you'll be able to select each of the Gateways you have connected in PayDock. You can read more about what gateways are available and how to connect them in the PayDock documentation.

Upon successful authentication, the process will continue with a drop-down menu that allows you to select a default Gateway for all your transactions:


Now, you are ready to charge your members via PayDock. All you need to do is enter their payment details in admin, or let members enter them in the member portal.

Sync PayDock to OfficeRnD

Another option would be to Sync all your customers from PayDock into OfficeRnD. This can be done by opening OfficeRnD and going to Settings/Integrations/Payments. There, find the PayDock integration and click on Sync.


This will effectively match all of your PayDock customers to your OfficeRnD members. And, if their emails match, their payment information will be sync'd into OfficeRnD. Likewise, adding new member details into OfficeRnD will automatically add them to PayDock as well.

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