What are Booking Credits


Booking credits enable members to book a number of hours in your meeting rooms. 1 booking credit equals 1 hour of booking. Hourly credits can only be used for Meeting Rooms. They cannot be used for other bookable resources. The price for the booking doesn't matter. Even if it's free, as long as you have credits, they will be used, as they have no monetary value.

Credits could be allocated to members through a billing plan or directly through the member's profile. Booking credits could be set on a month-over-month basis or as a one-off without an expiration date.

In both cases, you could assign the credits for specific meeting rooms and each booking credit could be used for an hour of booking. 

Note: Once the credits are all used, members will be charged with standard resource rates.

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When are the Booking Credits Deducted?

Booking credits are deducted when:

  • The member books a meeting room via the public calendar, the calendar on the members portal, or the OfficeRnD mobile app;
  • The member has credits that are applicable to the meeting room he is booking.

Tip: You can also give your members a rate discount, enabling them to book meeting rooms at a discounted rate after their credits are used up. Learn more. 

Booking Credits Statuses



Expired  Booking credits expired or are no longer available for the specific period.
Used Currently, all booking credits are used by the member. 
Valid Current booking credits available for the specific period. 
Pending Booking credits awaiting monthly renewal.

Assign Booking Credits via Plans

Note: This is an automated process applicable for cases where the number of credits does not depend on the customer - constant value for everyone that purchases the plan.

1. Go to Billing & Products/Plans and select a billing plan (for example Hotdesk or Private office). The type of the plan (one-off vs monthly) defines how the system will grant those credits:- One-off plans will allocate the credits with a start date only, and if the customer does not use them up during this month, they'll be rolled over for the upcoming one.

Monthly Recurring Plans, on the other hand, do not roll over - if the customer does not use their credits for the specified month, they'll lose them.

2. Open the Credits section and click on the + button.
edit plan 10.png

3. Enter the number of booking credits in the left field. If the value is empty, an unlimited number of booking credits would be allocated to every customer purchasing the plan.

4. In the right field, you can specify which resources/rates you'd like to grant credits for.

Note: Once you set an end date to the membership, the credits will be canceled automatically as well.

5. Click Update to finish.

Important: OfficeRnD does not distribute the credits between all company members. If you've got a company and it has X credits, they will be available for all its members. Please note that the number of members is not relevant when it comes to adding credits - if you allocate X credits to a company, that will be the total number (we don't multiply it by the number of company employees).

Assign Booking Credits in the Member's Profile

Note: This is a manual process applicable for cases where the number of credits will vary and is not a constant value for all of your customers.

1. Open a company's or a member's profile.

2. Scroll down to the Credits section and click Add Credits.


Credits could be added on a month-over-month recurring basis or as a one-off.

Once – The company or its members are allowed to use their booking credits until they use them up. These booking credits have no expiration date.

Month – These types of booking credits are renewed monthly (following the use-it-or-lose-it principle). You can set an end date to indicate to the system when those credits should be revoked.

Credits are being added for specific resource rates. The "Valid For" drop-down field is where you select the resource rate, associated with a specific resource for which the credits are going to be valid. More on resource rates here.

When you're finished, click Add.

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