Membership Cancellation Requests

You can enable your members to request cancellations through the members portal.

How can I Allow Members to Cancel a Membership?

  1. Go to Billing/Plans.
  2. Select the specific Plan you'd like your members to be able to cancel and click Edit.
  3. In the Portal section, check the Allow Cancellation box under Features.
  4. Click Update.

How can a Member Cancel a Membership?

If you enabled your members to request a membership cancellation from the portal, they will find that option on the members portal:

  1. In the Members Portal, the members can navigate to Membership.
  2. Next, to any Membership that can be canceled, they can click Request Cancellation.
  3. Lastly, they need to click the Confirm button to finish the cancellation process.


After you've completed these steps if you go to check your Memberships you'll see that their Status has been set to Cancellation, which designates that they've been canceled. The same will appear in the admin portal as well.

What Happens When a Member Gives Notice

When the member sends a Cancellation Request, you receive an Email with a link to the profile of the Member who has requested the cancellation. 

Note: You can specify separate emails for different locations, so the cancellation requests can be received by the location-specific email.

  • Click on the profile link.
  • Navigate to the Member's Profile.
  • Either Discard the cancellation and then click Update to deny the request.
  • Or accept the cancellation and set the End Date of the Membership and click Update.
Note: The cancellation date is not provided by the member and you'll need to get in touch and discuss the details.



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