Invoicing Periods Longer than a Month


When you create a recurring plan in OfficeRnD, it's being invoiced each month by default. However, you can still change how often the invoices are issued for this particular plan.


How can I specify the invoicing period when creating a plan?

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Plans.
  2. Click on Add Plan and choose Monthly.
  3. In the window that opens, click on the Billing tab. The first option is called Invoice every *. From this drop-down menu, you can define how often you'd like the plan to be billed.

billing inv.png

How can I change the invoicing period of an existing plan?

Simply open an existing plan and change the Invoice every * option in the Billing tab.

Note: This can be done only for Monthly plans and not for One-off plans.

When you are adding a membership with the selected Plan, you also have the option to click on Change interval and choose the number of months from the drop-down menu:

change intv.png

inv every.png

When should I use the "Invoice every" and "Pay for" functions when manually invoicing?

Invoice every - this feature should be used whenever a plan needs to be billed for longer periods automatically. For example, if you specify that you'd like the plan to be invoiced every 5 months, then the invoice will be generated automatically every 5 months without your involvement.

Pay for - this feature should be used whenever you're issuing an invoice manually, as it lets you specify the period for which you'd like the invoice to be issued. This is helpful if you need to invoice the member for a longer period of time just once as an exception. Learn how to create an invoice for a period longer than 1 month.


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