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Many operators wish to create events and even expose them across multiple locations to help bring together their community members and strengthen their brand identity.

You can create memorable events for your co-working community by navigating to Collaboration/Events/ and clicking on Add Event.


Event Options


The Add Event dialog has the following options

  • Organizer - the company organizing the event.

  • Title - the title of the event, that's going to take place.

  • Description - here you can write a short summary of what the event is going to include and any other details that you'd like to add.

  • From and to - the duration of the event. Currently, a single event entry can have a maximum duration of 24 hours. To create an event that lasts multiple days, you should create a separate entry for each day.

  • Location - you can choose one of the existing locations in the system where the event will take place.

  • Announce at other locations *** - lists all other locations apart from the physical one selected in 'Location' above.

  • Where - enter additional details about the event location.

  • Limit - the maximum number of members who can attend the event.

  • Image - you can upload an image for the event to display it in the members portal.

* If the organization has only one location, the Announce at other locations field does not show.

** All selected locations will be automatically added in the Post generated for the event:


Members Portal & Mobile App

The Events page is split into two sections - Events in [location name] and Events in Other Locations

Events in Other Locations shows all events that were announced in the physical location the member is looking at (e.g. Munich), but physically take place elsewhere (e.g. Berlin).



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  • Why event duration is not getting displayed in the member Portal ?

  • questions 2 : When tried to edit event added member is getting erased.

  • Can we select which members to send this to via plan? Or does it get sent to all members?

  • When will it allow for reoccurring event meetings to be set up? 


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