Customize the RnD Rooms Tablet App


We understand that one of the most important parts of building your business is building a brand. That's why we offer different possibilities for customizing all member-facing apps. That way, they can represent your brand in the best way possible.

First, make sure you've enabled the app - learn how. To start customizing the app, go to Settings/Member Apps/Branding and reach the Meeting Rooms Tablet View section:


Change Theme

You can change the colors of the app whenever the meeting room is available vs. occupied. By default, the color for available is green, and for occupied - red. 

51891.jpg         30873.jpg

Add your logo

Upload an image of your logo that will appear on your tablet view. 

Keep in mind that the image should be with a 4:1 ratio and bigger than 160 x 40px.

Room Price

Choose whether you'd like to display the price rate of your meeting rooms on the tablet app. You can easily adjust that depending on your preferences by ticking/unticking the Room Price option. 

Finally, click Update and all customizations will be saved to reflect your Rooms Tablet App.


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