What are Booking coins and how to allocate them

Coins are a type of credits, which unlike booking credits have actual monetary value, i.e they correspond to a specific amount of money - one coin is equal to one amount of currency by default, but this can be changed (the currency depends on what's chosen as a default currency for the organization, e.g US dollar).

Note: You can change how much a coin is worth in Settings/Platform Modules/Credits.

Note: A member cannot purchase a service from the member portal using the coins available in their account/granted to their company. Only an admin can update a fee to use coins to pay for it.

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How do I manually add coins to a specific member/company?


Coins can be added the same way as booking credits, you only need to change the type of credits by using the drop-down menu in the dialogue window.

Note: Coins cannot be personal, they're always associated with your company if you're part of one.
If you add coins to a member's profile, they'll appear on the company profile instead.

Avoid adding large amounts of coins that are not part of a billing plan. Otherwise, adding different credits later on means you'll have to delete the coins manually and re-account your bookings first.
  1. Go to a member/company's profile.
  2. Scroll down to Booking Credits and click the button Add Credits.
  3. You need to select coins from the drop-down menu, where it says hours.
  4. After that, you can specify the amount, whether they're issued once/monthly, the resources for which they're valid, and the start and end date.
    Once – The company or its members are allowed to use their coins until they use them up. These coins have no expiration date.
    Month – These types of coins are renewed monthly (following the use-it-or-lose-it principle). You can set an end date to indicate to the system when those coins should be revoked.


You can refer to our booking credits article for more information on the matter here.

How do I add coins to a membership?

Coins can also be automatically added to any member/company with the appropriate membership.
You can add coins to membership by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Plans and open a billing plan.
  2. In the dialogue that opens, click on the Credits tab. Here, you can specify the number of coins that'll be attached to the membership and the resources for which they're valid.
  3. In order to assign coins, select coins from the hours drop-down menu.

How do I edit coins?

After there's an existing entry for coins in the profile of a member/company, you can click the cogwheel next to it and select Edit. In the newly opened dialogue window, you'll be able to see when the coins have been created, by whom and you can also delete them.
Additionally, there's a checkbox called Show removed credits which allows you to see whether there are any coins that have been removed. 


Note: Attempting to remove coins currently in use by a booking will not delete them. The booking needs to first be re-accounted without coins, e.g. you can make it free, and then you should remove the coins. If the coins are removed before the booking is cancelled, the coins will remain unavailable for editing. If you encounter this issue, please contact support@officernd.com.

What is the Transaction Log/Credit Account Log?

The Transaction Log or the Credit Account Log is a useful tool that can be used to keep track of all the issued coins. You can access it by clicking on the cogwheel next to the entry in Credits and selecting Transaction Log.


Here, you can see when coins have been created, by whom, and their amount. You're also able to see the coins Type, i.e whether they've been added Manually or Automatically from a membership.

The Ref Date column refers to the beginning of the period for which the coin has been issued, e.g. the 1st of the month. You can also filter by month by clicking on the Calendar button cr btn.png, or remove the filter altogether by clicking on the X button ex2.png in the text field in order to view all created coins.
On the top right of the window, you can also see how many coins are Remaining and how many have been Used.

cr acc log.png

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