How to Change the Status of a Member


In OfficeRnD, each member of your community will have a Status, which gives you information about the status of their memberships and tenancy status in general at a glance.

In some cases, you will need to manually change the status of a member. This article will explain more about how these statuses are set automatically, how they can be changed manually, and offer a few example scenarios of when this may be needed.

Please check our Member Statuses and Labels article for more detailed information on all available statuses and labels.

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How Statuses are Calculated

In OfficeRnD statuses are calculated automatically and depend on whether someone has an active membership or not.

A Company will always have its status calculated automatically. It cannot be changed manually. All members that are a part of a Company would have their status automatically set to the Company's status, as long as the member's status has not been adjusted manually.

Member will have their status calculated automatically by default, but that status can be changed manually. A manually set status will not update on its own under any circumstances.

How to Edit a Member's Status

When you need to manually change the status of a member, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Member's profile under Community/Members.
  2. Find the Edit button to Edit the Member's details.
  3. In the Edit window, look for the Status field.
  4. Select the status you want to set for that member and hit Update.

Once you do that the member's status will be changed immediately.

When Should I Change a Member's Status

There can be many reasons to change a member's status, and below we will cover a few often-encountered situations.

Change to Former

When a teammate of a Company leaves that company, you will need to manually change that member's status to Former. That way you will keep the information about how this member used your services, but they would no longer be marked as an active member of that company.

Change to Contact

Contacts are members of a Company that are part of their team, but are not using your services. These are often accountants that need to receive billing notifications or the owner of a company that would like to be contacted about changes to the services you offer, important events, or to simply be kept as a contact should you need to speak to them.


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