How to Add a Private Office Membership

Normally when you're assigning memberships in OfficeRND you have different billing plans set depending on the resource type.

However, it'd be quite inconvenient if you had to create a separate membership for each private office if you had tens or even hundreds of them.

In order to avoid this problem, you can create a single billing plan, more on how you can do that here.

After you set up the plan you can then assign multiple memberships with it, the trick here is that while you're assigning them you can actually change the price of the deposit of the membership itself depending on the member/company.
This allows you way more flexibility than specifying a plan for every single office.

Please, follow our guide on how to assign memberships here.

Note: If you've created a resource with a target plan and you then assign the same plan to a member, you'll also be able to assign the specific resource to the member.


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