When to Create a Company and When to Create an Individual Member

Depending on your use case you might prefer different approaches when it comes to the question of what you should create - a member or a company. Here are our tips on the matter:

  • We normally recommend that you create companies when the billing isn't going to be done for an individual but rather for a legal entity.

  • It's best to create a single company and assign multiple members to it, as this will facilitate the management of memberships, invoices, credits, etc.
    Otherwise, you'll have to check each of these things for every single person.

    We have an option that allows you to set a membership or a fee to be billed directly to the member when there are certain memberships and fees that are assigned to a specific person.
  • If you're not dealing with a large number of clients you can create a member and then assign them to a company with the same name. We then suggest that issue any invoices and assign memberships directly to the company, instead of billing them to the person, since the person is the company.
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  • Can one add an existing member to a company, or do members have to be created within the company they are a part of?

  • Hi there, 

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    You can assign an existing member to a different company, there is no need for the latter to be initially created within the company they are part of. 
    To do so, you need to navigate to the member in your admin console, click on the "Edit" button, right to their profile picture and select the new company from the dedicated drop-down. 
    Please, take a look at the screenshot below:

    I hope this helps!

  • This was helpful, thank you!


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