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This is a brief explanation of all terms used in the Settings section in the OfficeRnD admin portal, divided by subsections. 

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My Account Section
A section in the admins' portal where the organization settings can be adjusted and teammates can be added.
Bookings Emails
Emails regarding bookings.
Financial Emails Invoices emails.
A teammate role which grants permissions to see all modules, but does not allow any changes
A role which allows a teammate to edit each of the modules

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Import The system provides the option to import/implicate existing data (members, resources, bookings, fees, credits, details).


Integrations Section Shows which are the integrations we have incorporated with - many key business systems so you can simply log in and get back to business.

API Access/Developer Tools

API Access OfficeRnD public API is designed to let 3rd party applications communicate with the OfficeRnD database.

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Email Template A pre-formatted document that can be customized under the Settings/Templates section.

Custom Properties

Custom Properties Section Provides the opportunity to add more fields that suit your business' needs.

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Resource Types

Resource Type
Classification of a resource by the same characteristics.
Dedicated Desk
A resource that represents fixed/dedicated desks that you can assign to members and teams.
Hot Desk
A resource that represents hot/flex desks that cannot be assigned to a member and that is used to track flexible, day-to-day memberships.
Private Office Desk
A resource that represents office desks. The number of office desks added to each office determines the occupancy rate of a private office and you need to add office desks to every private office on your floor plan.
Private Office
A resource that represents the offices on the floorplan. It can be assigned to companies and members who purchase private office plans.
Meeting Room
A resource that represents the meeting rooms on the floorplan. This resource is bookable on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis.
The resource type will be used to report occupancy on dashboard.


Billing Settings
Instructions on how to access/configure invoicing, accounts, tax rates.
Billing Period Start Date       
The day of the month on which the Billing Period of your organization will start.
Used for those members that join your space after the billing date
Choosing between a single invoice generation for membership fees, one-off charges and bookings or a separate invoice generation for membership fees from one-off charges and bookings.
Document issued by a seller to the buyer that indicates the quantities and costs of the
products or services provider by the seller.
Tax Rate Section
Allows to apply different tax rates that you invoice your members as an admin.
Tax Rate Policy
Groups accounts and tax rates to allow granular control across different locations.
Invoice Export Preset
Make custom invoice export preset by setting a date format and choosing specific properties/columns.

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Booking charge slot
Lets you define the minimum chargeable duration for a booking.
Booking Cancellation Policy   
Allows you to set up rules for these occasions and apply different rules to different Resource Rates.
Booking Policy
Allows you to create rule pre-sets in the form of a Booking Policy that can be applied to a room.
System status for lost opportunities
System status for open opportunities
System status for won opportunities
Lease Agreement
A general contract type that outlines offices, memberships and services provided to a company and their members. This contract type can have an unlimited term.
License Agreement
A contract type that outlines the type and number of offices and additional services provided to a company.
Membership Agreement
A contract type that outlines the type and number of memberships provided to a company and their members.
Hot Desk Coefficient
A number which is used to calculate the hotdesking occupancy target. Depending on the hot desk coefficient number, it multiplies it by the number of hotdesks and it sets the occupancy target.
Weekly Report
The Occupancy Report is sent weekly and it represents a snapshot of the occupancy in your space.
Used in the members' portal by members to submit them and share feedback or report issues they would like you to address.
The issue is problematic, but there is no rush towards resolving it.
Restricted Operations
The member is prevented from working normally, but they can still continue their operations.
The issue is preventing the member from continuing their work.
There is no issue, but a member would like to share their feedback and suggest improvements.
The member would like assistance with something.
The member has an issue related to the software they are using in your space, such as the members portal.

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Rnd Connect
OfficeRnD's mobile app which enables members to collaborate, book meeting rooms and more on their mobile phones.
White-label Mobile App   
An option to have a mobile app developed for your community.
Push Notifications           
A simple way of alerting users to information that they have opted-in to from apps and services.
Meeting Rooms Tablet View                
Having the option to generate availability pages for each of your meeting rooms.
Reception App
Fully white-labeled reception app to allow Visitors and Members to check-in and check-out at reception.
Public Calendar Page
A page which allows non-members to book meeting rooms.
Booking Checkout Page
A publicly available page where non-members can book all publicly available bookable resources.
Form Field
An extra field which is added to collect more information for the member on Signup page.
Purchase Flow
Defines the way you bill users when they create a booking in the members' portal (or by using the public calendar page) or purchase an item in the shop.
Members Wall
Members and companies wall pages displayed in the members' portal.
Allows members to purchase plans and services from the members' portal.
A page where members can add visitors in the space which helps you to keep track of who comes and goes in your space.
Posts/News Feed
A section in the Dashboard which displays the posts and events created under Collaboration/Posts.
Events Page
A page which displays the events created under Collaboration/Events.
Events RSVP
Allows you to track who is attending the events and to track the taken slots if there is a limit on them.
Benefits Page
A page which displays the special offers available to active members, which are created under Collaboration/Benefits.
About Us Page
A page which displays information about your locations, your team, house rules and a contact form.
Welcome Wizard
A welcome dialog which prompts members to complete their profile.
Welcome Widget
Welcomes members and guides them in the members' portal.
Today Widget
Shows a summary of pending bookings, unpaid invoices, etc in the Dashboard.
Custom Page
It can give your community more tools and information. A custom page could be a list of mentors that are part of your community or an embedded page that gives access to external tools.


Terms & Conditions

Legal Documents Serve as terms and conditions, privacy policies, in-house rules or contract terms.

More on how to Set Up Terms & Conditions here

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