How to Cancel, Delete or Terminate a Contract


You might be making the occasional mistake when creating a contract for a member. This article explains several approaches to dealing with such mistakes in OfficeRnD.

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How to Cancel a Contract

The contract is Out For Signature and it's not yet Signed, but you want to cancel it for some reason. The correct approach would be to navigate to the contract that you would like to cancel, click on the ... button, choose Cancel button and then Confirm. This will lead to the contract changing its status to Canceled.

How to Terminate a Contract

The contract is already signed but it needs to be terminated. You can simply open the contract, click on the ... button, and choose Terminate. You will have to:

  • Specify a Termination Date.
  • Select a reason for the termination.
  • Add comments (optional) and click on the Terminate button.


How to Delete a Contract

You can delete a contract by simply opening it, clicking on the ... button, and choosing Delete.


In another use case, a client changed their mind and does not want this contract anymore, but it has been invoiced. You can delete contracts only if the associated memberships have not been invoiced yet. Otherwise, you will receive the following error message:


This specific issue can only be fixed if the membership line items from the invoices are detached. You can find more info on detaching here & here. Once this has been done, you should be able to delete the specific contract. Note that we do not recommend the deletion of legally binding documents.

Additional Notes

Currently, you can only send a contract with eSign once. If you edit the contract at a later stage, it cannot be re-sent afterward. Please bear this in mind before creating a contract and only send it to your clients when all the details have been adjusted and finalized.

Otherwise, you'd need to cancel it and create an entirely new one. You can generate PDF documents after any edit you make and send those to your client for review. Once all the details have been settled, you can send the contract via eSign.

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