Document & Template Customization

In OfficeRnD Flex you can customize the default look and feel of emails, invoices, and contracts. The system has a predefined template for each of those documents, which you can explore and modify on your own:

Document and Template Customization Services

You can also ask our support team to customize your invoices, contracts, and member emails to better match your style and branding. What we can do for you, includes:

  • Update the textual content of documents 
  • Update, add, or replace images in documents  
  • Change the default document structure
  • Change color schemes
  • Change fonts 
  • Implement minor layout and script modifications 
Support Plan Standard Ultimate
Document and Template Customization

Available as an Add-On

$/€/£150 per document


*Subject to a fair usage policy.
*Fair Usage Policy: By default, there are 2 free of charge requests per month. The document customization requests are monitored on a continuous basis. Customers that consistently generate an exceptionally high number of requests over a sustained period of time may be asked to purchase the service as an additional add-on.


Submit a Document Customization Request

I. Navigate to the default templates in OfficeRnD Flex 

  • Navigate to Settings/Templates
  • Review the available templates and decide which ones you need to change

II. Prepare a sample document to illustrate your needs

Prepare an example of what you would like the template to look like after the customization. The example can be in one of the following forms:

  • Example file- this is the best-case scenario as it gives us an exact idea of how the document should look like. The document format can be .pdf, .doc(docx), or any image format.
  • Mockup- You can provide us with an image that can give us a rough idea of what you'd like to achieve. You can use the default templates that are already present in the system, generate a .pdf file with them and write on top of it to show us what changes you'd like us to implement for you.

III. Carefully consider any additional specifications you might have

  • Consider the default formatting, color scheme, font styles, and sizes in OfficeRnD flex and decide if any of them should be updated and how. 
  • Prepare a list of the properties specific to your business or country requirements, which you need to add to the default documents generated in OfficeRnD Flex. Make sure to include details about what each property means and what information/value it represents. 

IV. Submit your request

Submit a Document Customization Request

Next Steps

When we receive your request, a support specialist will review it. They will get back to you for additional information whenever needed. 

Once we have all the necessary information, a support specialist will keep you informed about the progress of the customization.
Execution time is around 10 days for documents up to 20 pages, but it may vary depending on the length and complexity of the document, and the final ETA will be confirmed by the agent who is working on the request.

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