How to Add a Payment To An Invoice


When a client would like to pay several invoices with a single payment, you can do that with a single operation by allocating that payment's amount across several invoices.

How to Add a Payment

Payments can be added either from Billing & Products/Invoices or from the Invoices section of a Company or Member's profile. Look for the Add Payment button to do so.

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When adding a payment, you have the option to fill in several fields:

  1. To - select the client that makes the payment. If you are adding a payment from a client's profile, the field will be filled automatically.
  2. Payment Method - select the payment method of the payment.
  3. Payment Date - select the date of the payment.
  4. Amount - enter the total amount of the payment.
  5. Reference - enter the reference of the payment. This field is optional.
  6. Currency - If you have multi-currency enabled, select the currency of the payment. When the currency is changed, the list of invoices below will be filtered according to the currency. Only invoices with that currency can be paid that way.
  7. Allocations - under Allocations, you will see a list of the client's pending and overdue invoices. The list has the following columns, out of which only the Amount can be manually changed:
    • Invoice # - the invoice's number. Older invoices will be listed before newer ones.
    • Due Date - the invoice's due date.
    • Total - the invoice's total amount.
    • Outstanding - the invoice's total due amount that remains to be paid.
    • Amount - the amount of the payment that will be allocated to the invoice. Once the Payment's Amount is entered, its total will be allocated from the top-most invoice's amount, going down the list until the sum of all invoice amounts equals the Total Payment amount.
  8. Overpayments - if the payment amount is larger than the total due amount of all listed invoices, an Overpayment will be created. Its Amount will be set to the remaining amount of the payment, and a Description can be manually entered for it.


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