Email & Ticket Support

You can reach the OfficeRnD support team from within the admin portal, the help portal, and via email.

If the issue you need our help with is more urgent, we recommend that you send it via the admin portal or the help portal. Both approaches would allow you to set the Severity of your request and thus increase its priority in the support queue. Learn more about the initial responses times based on a ticket severity

Ticket Severity

You can set the severity of tickets when you submit them from within the OfficeRnD admin portal or from our Help Portal. The severity of a ticket can increase its priority in the support queue as it indicates the business impact of the issue on your end. 

Severity Description
Critical / SEV 1 A problem is preventing the platform from functioning normally and there is no workaround to enable you to continue executing your business operations.
Restricted Operations / SEV 2 A less severe problem that may restrict the usage of the platform but does not prevent it from operating.
Normal / SEV 3 Questions and feedback on the platform features and functionality.

Note: The OfficeRnD team reserves its right to update the Severity of a ticket if its context doesn't match the severity definitions. 

Send Us a Ticket from the Admin Portal

To start an email conversation with our support team, click the Support button sup btn.png at the bottom of the Admin Portal. Before sending your question, we encourage you to look for answers in our knowledge base. We have a vast amount of how-to and troubleshooting articles that can help you find a solution. 

If you cannot find what you need, Leave us a message. Let us know about your email, the severity of the request, and provide as much detail about the issue as you can. Having more information from the start will help our support specialists to resolve your request more quickly. 



Submit a Ticket From our Help Center

Use the Submit a ticket button at the top of our Help Center. 


Send Us an Email

Send us an email at Your email will be transferred into a ticket, which will be prioritized and handled based on your support subscription. Please keep in mind that all tickets received directly via email will be treated as tickets with normal severity. 

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