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In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can differentiate the location of your teams and members by creating separate location records for each of your company offices. In the location record, you can store information about the office address, and business hours as well as manage the capacity limit of each office.

Add a Location

In order to add your offices:

  1. In your OfficeRnD Hybrid account, navigate to Workplace/Locations.
  2. In the upper right, click Add Location.

General tab

  • Name - the name of the location
  • Description (optional) - add a description if needed
  • Timezone - set the correct time zone for this location. Make sure the time zone really matches as all bookings for this location depend on it.
  • Address - set the address for the location. Powered by Google for maximum accuracy
  • Upload an image of the office to visualize it better for your employees on the web portal and mobile app.
  • Check the Is Open check box to indicate that the location is fully set up. If you leave the box unchecked, the platform will consider it still in draft and allow you time to configure its resources.

Date and Time tab


  • Business Days- define the working days for this location
  • Business Hours - define the working hours for this location

Capacity Limit tab


Here you can limit the number of people allowed in the location at the same time. In order to set a capacity limit, there should be at least one floor added to the location.

Tickets tab


If you're using the Tickets functionality, you can define the categories, severities, and rules for the type of tickets you want to expose to employees of the location.

Tip: You can order your locations and the floors inside by dragging them up or down the list.

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