In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can create surveys with Health Check questionnaires, Workplace Satisfaction, etc., and collect data from your employees.

How it Works

  • The survey is going to be sent out with an email when somebody books a desk, a meeting room, or another resource, and your employee can answer the questions you have specified.
  • The same email will be sent out daily to your employees that have been assigned to a specific desk.
  • If somebody fails the survey (provides a wrong answer) you will be notified on the email you have set in your General Notifications Email settings. Read here about how you can configure a pass or a fail.
  • One survey is sent per day, regardless of how many bookings one employee has made for the day.

Create a Survey

To create a survey, navigate to Communication/Surveys and click Add Survey.


Clicking Add Survey will allow you to specify its:

  • Title - a name for your survey.
  • Description - a description of your survey (if needed).
  • Location - define which of your locations it should be valid for. You can create a separate survey for each of your Locations.
  • Send Survey - specify a day and time for the survey to be sent.


Design a Survey

Once you click Add, you will be able to design your survey and define the questions you'd like to ask.

Survey Settings

Clicking on Survey Settings (1) allows you to set a Pass (2) or a Fail (3) message when the person filling it clicks the Complete button at the end of the form. Whether a survey is considered Success or Fail is governed by the settings of your questions. More on that in the section below.


Survey Questions

The center panel is for your list of questions. There are three types of questions available on the right-hand side panel. To add one, simply drag the type you need to the center.

  • Text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Yes/ No Question


Each question can be modified by clicking on its Properties or switching to the Properties tab on the right-hand side panel.

There you can set it as a Required question or provide a "correct" answer by expanding the Data field. If the person filling out the survey does not provide the "correct" answer, then the survey will be marked as Failed.

  • Health Check questionnaire example:


  • Workplace Satisfaction example:

Once ready, you can activate the survey from the Activate Survey button located in the top right corner of the page.

Test Your Survey

We have provided an option to test your survey and see how it would look on a computer or various mobile devices. To see the options, please switch to the Test Survey tab.


Survey Statistics

You can monitor the outcome of each survey your employees complete and see whether they failed or passed. This is done from the Survey Results tab shown below.

Here, you can also:

  • Export the data from the Export button in the top right corner.
  • Deactivate your survey if it's no longer relevant - click the Stop Survey button.


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