Enable Recurring Bookings

In this article, you will learn how to enable recurring bookings for your resources.

Enable Recurring Bookings

To enable recurring bookings in a specific resource - e.g. specific meeting room, you need to have a booking policy where the Allow Recurring Bookings property is enabled. Learn how to create a booking policy in OfficeRnD Hybrid

Within the booking policy, you can also limit the recurring bookings' time span. You can set it up to a maximum of 24 months from the day of the booking's creation.

Apply the Booking Policy to a Resource

Now that you have a booking policy that enables recurring bookings, you need to edit your resources and apply the booking policy to those where recurring bookings are allowed. 

Navigate to Workplace/Resources and open the tab containing the resource group of choice - Hotdesks, Dedicated desks, Private offices, Meeting rooms, or Neighborhoods. Let's take Hotdesks as an example.

  1. Select one or more desks.
  2. Click Edit Hotdesks.
  3. Apply the Booking policy that allows recurring bookings.
  4. Hit the Update button.

Next Step

Learn how to Enable Booking on Behalf of Another Employee & How to Create Recurring Bookings.



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