Enable Booking On Behalf of Another Employee

If you want to enable employees, who don't have access to the OfficeRnD Hybrid admin portal, to book resources on behalf of their team, you need to set them up as Team Leads. This approach is useful if you want to enable your managers or personal assistants to be able to book desks and meeting rooms from the web portal on behalf of other employees from their team. 

Enable Booking On Behalf of Another Employee

Designate the employees who should be allowed to book resources on behalf of another employee. For each of them: 

  1. Open their profile in the admin portal of OfficeRnD Hybrid.
  2. Click Edit in their profile.
  3. Check the Team Lead option to mark them as employees who can make bookings on behalf of people in their team.
  4. Hit the Update button.


As a result, this person will be able to book a resource for anyone in their team through the Web Portal.

The booking for the resource will be assigned to the particular employee that it was made for and both the Team Lead and the Employee will be able to edit that booking. Those bookings can be found under the Account module in the Web Portal.

Book on Behalf of Someone Else from the Web Portal

To make a booking on behalf of someone from their team, the Team Lead can open the Web Portal, find the resource and click to make a booking.

  1. Click on the resource.
  2. Click on More Options to open the additional settings.
  3. Choose the teammate they are booking for.
  4.  Click Book.


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