Create an Office Map Booking Page in the Web Portal

In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can create an Office Map booking page in the Web Portal in two ways:

  • A Custom page with "type" Office Map.
  • A Custom page with "type" Calendar and "default view" set to Office Map View.

This way, your employees' booking process will be much easier as they'll see the resources they want to book.

Create a Custom Page

  1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps.
  2. Switch to the Apps Pages tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Under the Custom Pages section, click Add Page.
  4. Select either Calendar or Office Map under the Type field and adjust the page's settings.
  5. Make sure to specify which resource type should be shown on the page by selecting a value (values) from the Resource Type dropdown menu.
  6. Click Add when ready.

Web Portal and Mobile App

Now you can open your Web Portal and see it as an employee:

office map.png

The same view is applied in the Mobile app as well.

The floorplan view has filters to control the content and choose which Location (building) and which of its Floors to view. The portal will remember the last filter set up and show the same Location & Floor the next time the page is opened.

How Resources are Displayed on the Office Map

On the Office Map, each bookable resource will have a "dot" marking its availability with a certain color. Here is what they stand for:

  • Hotdesk

    • Green when available

    • Grey when:

      • the capacity limit for the day is reached 

      • the hotdesk is not available to you and it is free

  • Dedicated desk

    • Grey with photo/initials when assigned to an employee 

    • Grey when not assigned to an employee 

  • Meeting Room and other custom resources:

    • Green when available

    • Gray when booked

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