Neighborhoods on the Office Maps

Neighborhoods in OfficeRnD Hybrid are special zones that can be created on your Office Maps.

With their help, you can assign a particular area of the office to a specific team with a few clicks. This would mean that only that particular team will be able to book the resources residing within the Neighborhood.

Main Features

  • Make a zone of your office available only for a specific Team or Employees.

  • Set a Booking Policy and add Amenities to apply for all desks or spaces in this area.

  • Clearly see where a designated Neighborhood is situated on your Office Map.

Enable Creation of Neighborhood for a Group of Resources

Before you can use the functionality, you'd need to make sure you have activated it for the particular Resource Types.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Resource Types.
  2. Click each Resource Type that you need to have under a Neighborhood.
  3. In its settings, check Neighborhood for Space type resources or Neighborhood Assignment for Desk type resources.
  4. Click Update.


Add Resources Under a Neighborhood

Once you are ready with the above and you have already created your Office Map and its resources (find out more on that here - Add Your Office Maps), you can assign desks or any other resources to a Neighborhood.

  1. Open the floor from Space/Locations.
  2. Mark a group of desks with your mouse.
  3. Click Create neighborhood.
  4. Give it a meaningful name and adjust the Privacy setting to control who can book a desk there. It can be either a whole Team or particular Employees.


Once your Neighborhoods are ready, you can view them on the left-hand side of the Editor along with all the resources residing inside them placed in a collapsable menu.



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