Neighborhoods on the Office Maps


Neighborhoods in OfficeRnD Hybrid are special zones that can be created on your Office Maps. With their help, you can assign a particular area of the office to a specific team with a few clicks. This would mean that only that particular team will be able to book the resources residing within the Neighborhood.

Main Features

  • Make a zone of your office available only for a specific Team or Employees.

  • Set a Booking Policy and add Amenities to apply for all desks or spaces in this area.

  • Clearly see where a designated Neighborhood is situated on your Office Map.

Enable Neighborhood Creation

Before you can use the functionality, you'd need to make sure you have activated it for the particular Resource Types.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Resource Types.
  2. Click on a Resource Type that you want to have under a Neighborhood.
  3. In the settings window, enable Neighborhood for Space type resources:
    or Neighborhood Assignment for Desk type resources.
  4. Click Update.

Add Resources Under a Neighborhood

Once you are ready with the above, and you have already created your Office Map and its resources (learn more), you can assign desks or any other resources to a Neighborhood.

  1. Open the floor from Workplace/Locations.
  2. Click and drag around a group of desks with your mouse to mark them.
  3. Click Create Neighborhood.
    create nh.png
  4. Give the neighborhood a meaningful name and change its Privacy setting to control who can book a desk there. It can be a whole Team or particular Employee.

add neigh.png

Once your Neighborhoods are ready, you can view them on the left-hand side of the Editor along with all the resources residing inside them placed in a collapsible menu.



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