Add Desks and Spaces to your Office Maps


As soon as you create a new floor in OfficeRnD Hybrid, you will be taken to the Floor Plan Editor where you can define your desks and other resources.

Editor Controls


  • Selection (arrow icon) - click to select a resource or to move the plan with your mouse.
  • Panning (hand icon)- use to move the plan. You can also hold down Shift and click-drag the plan instead.
  • Add Desk - a dropdown menu for your Desk-type resources (Hotdesks, Dedicated desks, etc, custom ones included). Select one and start adding them over the desk shapes with a mouse click.
  • Add Space - a dropdown menu for your Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, or other resources of this type (custom ones included). Select one and start adding them to the plan's particular shapes with a mouse click.
  • x% dropdown - controls the zoom in/out (you can also use your mouse scroll button).

Here's the editor in action

View Resources on the Office Map

Each resource that you add appears on the left-hand side panel, where you can edit its name or any other setting. Мarking several resources of the same type will allow you to edit them in bulk or Create a Neighborhood.

For dedicated desks, the assignee’s initials or photo appear on their dedicated desk in the Floorplan designer. Mouse-hover and a tooltip appears with their full name. Their full name is also shown in the Resource sidebar.


If you have added resources under a Neighborhood, they will be listed in a separate section.

  • No neighborhood - listing resources that do not belong to one.
  • "Neighborhood name" - in our example - Marketing - the name of the neighborhood we have created for the hotdesk group.


Next Steps

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