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In OfficeRnD Hybrid you have the ability to mark your booking as Private. This means your colleagues will not be able to see that the resource is booked by you. For anyone else, it will appear greyed out and not available for booking. You can do that for any kind of resource bookings (meeting rooms, desks or offices).

Make a Private Booking

To make a Private booking through the dedicated page in your OfficeRnD Web Portal, you can follow the usual booking flow and click More Options on the booking dialog.

more options.png

This will expand further settings, Private being one of them. Selecting the checkbox automatically hides your name from the booking and the resource for anyone else looking.

new booking 1.png

Please bear in mind, this also hides you from the Teammates indication on each booking page showing an overview of who is in the office on that day.

All of your bookings can be viewed under My Account/Bookings. In the Privacy column, you will have a clear indication of whether a booking is Private or not:


You can also turn any of your Public bookings into Private. Simply click the editing icon edit but.png and check the Private box

Private Bookings By Default

You can also set all your bookings as Private by default. This way, you don't need to worry about the checkbox.

1. Open the My Account page.

2. Scroll down to reach the Privacy Preferences section and click Manage.


3. In the dialog that opens, you can toggle private bookings by default for Desk and Space type resources.

manage vis.png


  • With Private bookings enabled, new bookings made in OfficeRnD are Private by default. You can still change a booking to Public when creating or editing it.
  • Meeting Room bookings that are synced from your calendar (Outlook or Google) will inherit the privacy setting from your calendar.
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