How to Enable Salto KS Mobile Access


Salto KS Mobile Access allows members to open doors using a button on the home screen of your OfficeRnD White-Label Mobile App. This functionality allows members to use their mobile phones to unlock the SaltoKS-powered doors in your space. Learn more about Salto KS. 

The feature is available only to customers who have subscribed for the Branded Apps package or any other package that includes a White-Label Mobile App. Learn more about the OfficeRnD Flex subscriptions

How to Enable Salto KS Mobile Access 

To enable the Salto KS Mobile Access feature, you need to email with your request. The feature will then be implemented within your white-label mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

If you don't have a White-Label Mobile App, you can request one here. Our support team will let you know about the timelines for your request, but keep in mind that it usually takes up to 2 weeks to publish a new version of the White-Label Mobile App across both mobile stores.

How it Works

Once the Salto KS Mobile Access feature is enabled in your white-label Mobile App, your members will be able to unlock a Salto KS-powered lock via Bluetooth. In a sense, their phone transmits the digital counterpart of a tag. 


Error Message: Bluetooth is not activated or is not ready yet

If a member sees the above message, ask them to check the Bluetooth setting of their mobile device to make sure that:
  • Bluetooth is enabled;
  • The White-Label Mobile App has Bluetooth permissions.

Error Message: An authentication error has occurred


If a member sees the above message, OfficeRnD cannot find a profile for them in Salto KS. Follow the next steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Open the member's profile in the OfficeRnD Admin Portal
  • On the left-hand side look for the Access section and review the access groups in which the member was added. If there are none and you see the No Access message instead, review the member's profile to understand why they haven't been granted access to Salto KS.

  • If you cannot figure out the problem on your end, contact our support team at 

Error Message: Fine Location Not Enabled


If a member sees the above message, ask them to check the Location setting of their mobile device and make sure that: 
  • Location tracking is enabled;
  • The app has Location tracking permissions.

Error Message: Timeout has been reached.

The error is displayed when the device cannot locate a lock to unlock.

With a door lock, you need to put the device right next to it, while the wall readers have quite a wide range.

If a room has a door lock and if the device is not close enough to the lock, you will receive an error message Timeout has been reached (for Android) or Lock not found (for iOS).


Next Steps

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