Set Up Discount Codes for Public Bookings


WIth OfficeRnD Flex, you can allow non-members to book public resources at a discounted rate using a promotional discount code. Once the code is applied, the total amount of the booking is adjusted with the proper discount.

What You’ll Need

Set Up a Discount Code for Public Bookings

To set up a promotional discount code:

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount and choose to add a Resource Rate Discount.
    rsrs rate discount.png
  3. Give the discount a unique name in the Code field.
  4. Select the applicable resource rates.
  5. Define the discount amount by setting a Percent Off or an Amount Off value.
  6. In the Privacy section, set the discount to be Available in the Public Calendar. If this option is disabled, the discount will not be available as a promotional code on the public calendar. Instead, it can only be applied as part of a billing plan. Learn how to enable booking discounts as part of a billing plan. 
  7. Code Validity (optional) – add a time period within which the code will be active and available for use.
  8. Codes Total (optional)– set a maximum number of codes to be generated for this promotional campaign. After a booking is successfully created, the code will be subtracted from the Total Codes amount. Once the specified number of codes is reached, the code will no longer be valid. 
Note: Leaving Code Validity and Codes Total empty means that the code can be used without any time or volume restrictions.

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