Enable Discount Codes on the Public Calendar


WIth OfficeRnD Flex, you can allow non-members to book public resources at a discounted rate using a promotional discount code. Once the code is applied, the total amount of the booking is adjusted with the proper discount. 

What You’ll Need

Enable Discount Codes on the Public Calendar

To allow members to use discount codes in the public calendar:

  • Navigate to Settings/Member apps.
  • Go to Public Pages and under Public Calendar Page enable Discount codes.


Now, the public calendar will display a Discount code field as part of the booking summary.


Next, you'll need to set up a promotional discount code for public bookings. Before you proceed, please note that:

  • A non-member can use a discount code only once - the first time they make a booking via the public calendar. 

  • If a user is recognized as an active member in the Create Account step, they won't be allowed to apply a discount code to their booking. However, if their membership includes a booking discount, that discount will be automatically applied. Learn how to enable booking discounts as part of a billing plan. 

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