Import Customers Data


The import feature in OfficeRnD allows you to easily upload your existing customers' data into the system. For optimal results, it is advised to start the customers' data migration process by importing Companies first, then Members, and, finally, Memberships.

Step By Step Process

The general step-by-step process is as follows, with specifics related to each category explain in a dedicated article.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Data & Extensibility/Import.
  2. Open the tab you want:

  3. Download the .CSV file template to fill in, or create your own file.
  4. Upload the .CSV file.

    dl sub.png
  5. Validate the data.
  6. Match columns to properties and validate the data columns manually (if needed).

    data val.png
  7. Review the summary of what data will be created/updated in the system.
  8. Upload the data and confirm the successful upload.

Import Help Articles

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