Tally Market

Tally Market is a platform that allows you to list your available meeting rooms and make them available to the public.

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Connect OfficeRnD Flex and Tally Market

  1. Decide which resources you want to expose via Tally Market. The integration allows you to expose your OfficeRnD Flex meeting rooms, private offices, and custom event spaces in Tally Market, making them publicly available via the Tally Market platform. The exact resources to be listed on Tally Market is something that you discuss with Tally Market during the setup of your account - you can expose all of your meeting rooms or only a select few.
    Note: In order to be able to expose a resource in Tally Market, you need to ensure the resource can be booked.
    Learn more about the default resources in OfficeRnD Flex
  2. Decide on the pricing model for the meeting rooms you'll expose via Tally Market. Note that you can have different prices for the meeting rooms considering the different target audiences. 
  3. Fill out a request form - to connect OfficeRnD Flex and Tally Market, fill out this form
  4. Follow the instructions available in the Tally Market's tutorial to complete the setup.

How Does It Work

When OfficeRnD Flex and Tally Market's integration is configured, a specific set of resources are exposed via the Tally Market platform. These meeting rooms can then be booked directly from Tally Market, with the billing, booking policies, and cancellation policies all being handled on the Tally Market side.

When someone books one of your meeting rooms in Tally Market, the integration syncs the booking with OfficeRnD Flex. In your OfficeRnD admin portal, the requester of the booking is always one and the same  - a company named Tally

Find All Tally Market Bookings in OfficeRnD Flex

  • Navigate to Community/Bookings
  • Open the Filters and select Tally Market integration
  • Review the selected period and adjust it as necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Which System Charges the User for the Booking?

All fees associated with the bookings created in Tally Market are handled on Tally Market's end.
The external bookings that are synced to OfficeRnD Flex will appear as free since the billing is handled in Tally Market .

Is There a Cancellation Policy Applied to Bookings Made in Tally Market?

Bookings created in Tally Market will not adhere to the cancellation policies created in OfficeRnD Flex.
Read more about the cancellation and booking settings available in Tally Market.

How can a User Edit a Booking Created via Tally Market?

If a booking was created in Tally Market all changes should be handled in the Tally Market portal.
These changes will then be pushed to OfficeRnD Flex.
Read more about the cancellation and booking settings available in Tally Market.

Bookings that originate in Tally Market cannot be edited in the OfficeRnD Flex admin portal as the integration works only in the direction from Tally Market to OfficeRnD Flex. 

Can Users Purchase Add-Ons via Tally Market?

No, Tally Market doesn’t currently enable the purchases of any add-ons as part of a booking.

When a Booking is Created in Tally Market, is a User Created as a Drop-In on the OfficeRnD side?

No, all bookings created in Tally Market, are synced on the OfficeRnD Flex side under one common company profile. Tally Market does not create any additional members on the OfficeRnD side.

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