Tentative Bookings - Bookings that Require Admin Approval


In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can set up bookings for resources to require Admin approval. Employees can book them but an administrator needs to confirm them afterward. These bookings are known as tentative.


  • Booking requests for room bookings made via Outlook or Google Calendar Admin are always tentative and need approval.

  • If a booking is already approved and the user edits it via Outlook or G-Cal, it will not be sent for approval again.
  • Hybrid will not automatically cancel a pending booking if it has not been actively declined by an Admin.

Set up a Tentative Bookings Policy

  1. Navigate to Workplace/Booking Policies.
  2. Click Add or Edit Policy (learn more).
  3. Enable Request Approval and other settings, if relevant.
  4. (optional) Add admins to this section who should be notified about tentative bookings in need of approval. The notification emails configured at the Organization and Location levels will keep receiving booking approval notifications.
    Note: Make sure the admins have permission to edit bookings.
  5. Hit Add.

rq approval.png

Now that your policy is ready, you can apply it to the bookable resource(s). As a result, upon each booking of that resource, the email address you have set under Settings/Organization will receive a system notification that an employee requested to book the resource and it needs to be approved by an Admin.


Clicking the hyperlink from the email will lead you directly to the profile of the Team or Employee in the Admin Portal. There, you can find the booking under the Bookings section. Open it and click Approve.


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