Configure the Admin Notification Settings


The next step is configuring the Admin Notification settings in Flex.

Step By Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal at

2. Open the Settings module and update the information under Account Details/Emails & Notifications.

You can learn more about the admin email notifications that Flex sends to teammates of your organization.

Emails & Notifications

Here, you should update the fields (as needed):

1. Update the Notification Email - Enter the general custom From email address that you'd like to receive all system notifications from.

2. Update Reply To - Specify the Reply-To address that you'd like to use for group email notifications sent from Flex. If you leave the field empty, the replies will default to the From email.

3. Update CC Admin Notifications - Specify an admin email that you'd like to be CCed to.

4. Update BCC Admin Notifications - Specify an admin email that you'd like to be BCCed.

5. Update FromĀ - Specify a custom email domain that the notifications will be sent from, instead of the default domain. Please note that a custom From email requires a specific setup and verification. You can find out more about that in our help article on the subject.

6. Enable Custom Email Address for Different Email Types - By default, only one section will be available for all notifications. If you need more advanced configuration options, select Enable. Click here to learn more.

7. Click on Update to save the changes.

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