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The most important thing when it comes to billing your customers is the billing plans you have setup in your Flex organization. There are two types of plans:

  • Recurring plans that recur every month.
  • One-off plans that occur only once.

This article focuses on configuring a monthly recurring billing plan. Click here for a more in-depth look.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the Flex Admin Portal at

2. Navigate to Billing & Products/Plans.

3. Click on Add Plan drop-down selector and select Monthly.

bp all.png

4. Select the Plan Type:

  • Private office - Memberships created with this plan will then be assignable to resources of type Private office.
  • Dedicated Desk - Dedicated desks that are occupied by members or companies. Memberships created with this plan will then be assignable to resources of type Desk.
  • Hot Desk - Typically for first come first serve open/shared desks. Memberships created with this plan are not assignable to any resource.
  • Service - Complimentary or chargeable services offered.

5. Enter a Name for the Billing Plan that will be displayed when creating memberships or when people are signing up through the portal e.g. “Office”, “Fixed desk”, etc.

6. Enter a Unique code (optional) - A code to uniquely identify the plan. Can be used in exports and to open a pre-populated sign-up page.

7. Enter Price per month.

8. Enter a Deposit (optional) that will be held when a membership with this plan is created.

9. Enter a Description - A description of the plan appearing on the public sign-up page.

10. Select Location(s) - The locations in which the plan is available (only applicable to multi-location spaces).

add plan dialog.png

Billing tab


Now, click on the Billing tab to change the following settings:

1. Invoice every - Set the billing period of invoicing for this plan.

2. Account - Leave as default or select the appropriate revenue account.

3. Setup fees - (optional) - Any setup fees that the member buying this plan will be charged for. Here, you can select only ‘one-off’ plans created before that.

4. Rate discounts - Select from the available (Resource) Rate Discounts - Any resource rate discounts that members on this plan will be entitled to.

5. Prorate plan - Enable proration. Click here to learn more about proration.

6. Plan Terms - Select the legal documents (such as Terms & Conditions) that customers will have to accept/sign.

Credits tab

The Credits tab specifies if Credits or Coins will be granted along with the plan. Credits can be either a limited number or set to Unlimited. You can also specify a rate(s) to which the credits will apply.

add credits.png

Finally, click on Add to create the billing plan.

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