Create Plan Discounts


Give a customer discount by adding a percentage or a value amount discount to their membership. The system will then display the discount on all invoiced memberships over the life cycle of the member. Learn more.

Step By Step Guide

1. Log into the Flex Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to Billing & Products/Discounts.

3. Click on Add Discount.

add disc.png

4. Enter a name for the discount code.

5. Select the billing plan(s) from the dropdown list. Note that:

  • The billing plans should already be created.
  • Selecting a plan in this list does not automatically apply this discount to the plan, but allows the discount to be selected as an option later.

6. Enter the Percent or Amount Off (no fractional/decimal percentages).

7. Click Add to create the discount.

add plan discount.png

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