Assign Memberships on the Floorplan


The OfficeRnD Space management module allows you to manage your space availability and occupancy.

For Membership assignment first you need to find the member and then select the membership you want to assign. You can assign the membership with or without a member specified. The latter is known as Company-wide membership.

Important: The type of the resource should match the type of the billing plan used to create the membership (e.g. you cannot have a membership for a dedicated desk, and assign it to an office).

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal

2. Navigate to the Space module and click on the Location Floor where the assignment should occur.

loc floor.png

3. Click on the resource that should be assigned and click Assign.


6. Select a membership from the dropdown menu.

7. Verify and enter the membership start date (and end date, if applicable).

8. Click on Assign.

assign r.png

This will assign the membership to the resource that was selected.

9. Verify the Assignment

The resource will change colors (purple for occupied) and the right-hand side menu will update with the corresponding membership assignment.


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