Workplace Policies

The biggest problem of companies currently is defining their policy and returning employees back to the office to boost collaboration and teamwork. Employees need to meet to work together on projects which might be on department level or across departments.

Most companies approach this by asking employees to be in the office for 2 or 3 days a week without limiting the number of days they can work from the office. Usually, managers are responsible to track compliance but in smaller companies HR or Operations might be involved. Some companies don't even track it strictly as it is an additional admin burden for them.

In OfficeRnD you can now implement Workplace Policies. This way you define clear rules for your employees which you can track (report coming soon) and take decisions or measures if needed.

Create Workplace Policy

To set up your policy or create more, navigate to your Admin Portal/Directory module. You will start with a Default policy, without any of the two settings activated. This policy will be applied to everyone - every Team and Employee. Once you create new ones, you will be able to assign them to any Team or individual.

  • The Default policy can also be edited and set up.
  • You can assign the policy to both Team(s) and Employee(s).
  • You can apply an individual policy to an employee that is part of a team with another policy.
  • Minimum days per month cannot be combined with Particular days of the week.
  • The Particular days of the week setting respects your workdays (set up under Settings/Calendar).
  • If a policy is deleted from Directory/Workplace Policy, everyone to whom it was applied will be moved to the Default one. If an employee from a team had a policy that is now deleted, they will inherit the team's current policy.


You can also create a policy directly from any Team or Employee profile via the Policy section on the left pane. Here you can also switch the team or person to another policy.


Edit a Workplace Policy

You can edit any of your custom policies when you navigate to Directory/Workplace Policies.

  1. Click on the cogwheel next to the policy's name.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and Save.

Workplace Policy with Multiple Teams

If a person is part of several teams, they will inherit the policy of their Primary team or any individual one that you have assigned to them.

The Web Portal Employee Experience

As soon as you set your policies up, all of your employees will have a pop-up in the Web Portal's bottom right corner (Microsoft Teams will have that as well) notifying them of their compliance.

The content of the pop-up will be based on their current number of bookings and their policy.

No bookings:


Target met


The pop-up is dynamic and will be updated with every booking you make. Clicking on a day will directly focus you on that particular day on the Dashboard, Office Map, or Schedule pages. Once the pop-up is closed, it will return on the following day.



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