Brivo Check-in Integration

OfficeRnD offers a native integration with Brivo which can check in users as long as they exist in both Brivo and OfficeRnD. This means that when a person enters the office for the first time today, Brivo will let us know and we'll create a Global check-in for the user. We will also check them in for any booking that requires a check-in but only if the booking check-in window is currently open.

More info on Check-ins you can find here:

Activate the Integration

Once you have your Brivo account, you'd need to get an API key. You can contact the Brivo API Team at and ask them for that. You can mention OfficeRnD and they'll know what exactly you need. As soon as you have the key, you can:

  1. Open the OfficeRnD Admin Portal and navigate to Settings/Integrations.
  2. Find Brivo from the listed integrations and click Activate.
  3. Then click Connect.
  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to log in to Brivo. Use your Brivo Admin ID and password.


How it works

The integration does not support syncing users or providing and removing access.

In order to record check-ins automatically, you'd need to ensure the users are created and matching in both platforms.

If you are using Azure AD, for example, you can easily streamline the user provisioning to both OfficeRnD (Azure SCIM) and Brivo and make sure the user list is always up to date.

The user matching is based on the email address. If the email address value is the same across both platforms, the integration will record a check-in for the corresponding user when Brivo lets us know they've opened a door for the first time today.

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