How to Automatically Attach Receipts to Order Invoice Emails


The purchase flow for users checking out through the Members portal pages (Signup, Calendar, Shop, Marketplace) may have been configured to send an invoice and charge the user immediately.

If so, it's possible to send the payment receipts as PDF attachments with the Order Invoice emails. This is a better approach than sending the receipts in separate emails, because it reduces the number of emails sent to users after purchase.

How to automatically attach receipts to Order Invoice emails

Enable the following settings in OfficeRnD Flex:

1. Settings/Billing/Invoicing tab - Send Payment Receipts Automatically


2. Settings/Member Apps/e-Commerce tab - Click on the desired purchase flow (or add a new one), and enable the following settings:

  1. Charge Invoice Immediately
  2. Send Invoices Automatically

Now, the Order Invoice email received by users upon checkout should include both the Receipt and Invoice as .PDF attachments.

Additional considerations

  • If the Settings/Billing/Attach an invoice PDF setting (under We’ll email invoices) is not enabled, the Order Invoice email will include only the receipt.
  • If the Settings/Member Apps/e-Commerce tab/Send Invoices Automatically setting is disabled, only the Receipt email with the attached .PDF receipt will be sent.
  • When the charge is Pending (the invoice is awaiting payment), an Order Invoice email will be sent without a receipt.
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