Active Member Counts & Add-ons in OfficeRnD Flex Subscription Plans


OfficeRnD Flex offers three types of Subscription Plans to customers - Start, Grow, and Scale. You can learn more about features and pricing from our website. This article explains some specifics, such as:

  • The maximum number of Members (Active and Drop-in) for each plan.
  • Extending member counts for each plan via Add-ons.
  • What are Active Members and how to keep track of them.


Maximum Included Members In Each Plan

  • The Start Plan includes 100 Members and extends up to a maximum of 200 Members via Add-ons. You must upgrade to the Grow Plan if you want more members.
  • The Grow Plan includes 200 Members and extends up to a maximum of 500 Members via Add-ons. You must upgrade to a Scale Plan if you want more members.

The Scale Plans have two options:

  • Scale Per Member supports an unlimited number of members (with a minimum of 500). The plan charges flexibly (in increments of 50 members) according to the number of Active Members per month.
  • Scale Per Location is tailored according to the scale of the business operations for each location. An unlimited number of Active Members per month are supported.
We are using the term Active Members, however the subscription quotas include Active & Drop-in Members.

Extending Plans With Add-ons

For all plans except Scale Per Location, the number of Active Members exceeding your subscription quota is charged in increments of 50 members.

For example, you are on the Start plan and have anywhere between 101 and 150 members in the beginning of a certain month. The system will activate an add-on for 50 members to charge you for exceeding the quota of 100 members.

If you exceed 150 members, a second add-on for 50 members will be charged, reaching the plan's limit of 200 members.

If you grow beyond 200 members, the system will automatically upgrade you to the Grow plan. You can gradually grow the plan in increments of 50 members up to a maximum of 500 members.

If you exceed 500 members, you can upgrade to a Scale plan. Scale Per Member starts at a minimum of 500 and accommodates a potentially unlimited number of members. It's charged flexibly in increments of 50 members, just like the Start and Grow plans described above.

You can keep track of charges, invoices, and other billing aspects of your subscription from the Subscription tab in Settings/Account Settings/Subscription Details.

What Are Active Members

Members have recurring monthly memberships for your location(s) or belong to a company that is under a contract with yours. Active Members are counted as such if they if they entered and used the system for over 24 hours during the month.

If a certain member is marked as Former at the end of the month, they will still be counted as Active if they used the system for over 24 hours.

What Are Drop-in Members

A company or a member who is an occasional user of the space and has purchased at least one one-off service. This could also be a former member that consumed one-off services after leaving the space.

How To Check Active Members Manually

To check the number of Active Members for a specific month:

1. Head to Community/Members.

2. In the All tab, click on the Filter button.

3. Choose Status from the list of filters.


4. From the left drop-down menu, select Active in.

5. From the right menu, select the desired month.

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