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The Schedule page is a powerful tool allowing you to schedule your optimal office days for the week to boost productiveness and team collaboration with an overview of:

  • Your bookings for the week.
  • Who is in the office on a particular day.
  • Onsite meetings you're part of.
  • Your favorite colleagues' office presence (you can mark up to 15 favorite colleagues).
  • Suggested days to be in the office.

Your Schedule

new schedule.png

In the first section of the page, you'll see your weekly schedule. Here you can:

  • See a note of any Office Policy that you're part of
  • Switch to another week (previous or future)
  • View your desk booking
  • Book a desk
  • See your desk on the Office Map
  • Cancel a booked desk
  • Add a Work Location
  • Change your status to Off Work

Book a desk

To book an office desk, click below the date of the week and choose Book a desk. Learn more about your booking options here.


In Office

in office.png

If you have booked a desk in the office for a day of the week, click immediately below the date to:

  • Find your desk on the office map
  • Cancel your booking
  • Switch your schedule to Remote (Home or Other location) or Out Of Office (Off Work). Each of these options will prompt you to select the period (From - To date) where you will be working remotely or OOO.

Note: Canceling your booking or switching to OOO will release your desk and make it available for booking.

In The Office

You can see the number of employees in attendance on a given work day.

in the office.png

Click on it and you are able to browse the full list of employees:

who's in.png

You can also enter the name of a collegue and invite them to a meeting (if you have booked a meeting room):



The last section makes collaboration with your favourite colleagues easy. You can add up to 15 favourites and you will see their office presence on each day of the week. If the line is blue - they are in the office. This list is personal - nobody will know who your favourites are. Clicking on the gray line opens up a dialog with an Invite button.


Suggested days

The Schedule page would suggest the best days to be in the office. It will be noted with an icon on top of each day icon.png that is considered suitable (or required) to visit the office. Hovering over the icon will show you why this day was suggested to you.


This is taken care of by an algorithm based on:

  • Workplace Policy (if applicable) - required days to be in the office
  • Invites - if a colleague invited you on that day
  • % of favourite colleagues in the office
  • Onsite meetings (meeting room bookings)



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