Hierarchical Meeting Rooms

In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can create a parent-child relation between two or more meeting rooms. If you have one big room that can be split into two or three small ones and you want them to be booked independently, this is where the Hierarchical Meeting Rooms come into play.

Let's say you have one large room that you only use for big team meetings or events. Let's call it Large MR. This room, however, needs to be utilized more efficiently so it can be split into two (or more) rooms with a flexible wall or any other design solution. This way, you can use it as a large room, or as two (or more) smaller ones Small MR 1 and Small MR 2, for example.

Once you create your meeting rooms and appoint the parent, the connection between them allows for automatic management of their availability. If your room can be split into two, then you'll need to create three meeting rooms in OfficeRnD:

  • Large MR
  • Small MR 1
  • Small MR 2

If the Large MR is booked, the children Small MR 1 & Small MR 2 will be blocked for the duration of the booking.

If Small MR 1 is booked, Large MR will be blocked for bookings and Small MR 2 will be available.



Before You Start

Enable Hierarchical Meeting Rooms

The feature must be enabled for the default Meeting room resource type. Custom resource types are not supported.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Resource Types.
  2. Click on Meeting room.
  3. Enable Allow parent/child relationship.
  4. Hit Update.

Hierarchical Meeting Rooms with Outlook or Google Calendar

If you are using either Outlook or Google Calendar integrations, please bear in mind they support the functionality in one direction only - OfficeRnD to Outlook/Google. This means that if you'd like to map those meeting rooms to your Outlook or Google resources, they must only be booked and managed via OfficeRnD.

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