Business Operations Fundamentals Training: Contract Management


We will go over what a contract is, what are its building blocks, and what types of contracts OfficeRnD provides. We will show you how to create contracts, how to sign, and how to terminate them. We will also discuss the lifecycle of each contract.


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We'll walk you through:

1. Contract Basics and Settings

  • Use contracts and what they are for.

  • Differences between Contract Types

    • Membership, License, and Lease Agreement.

    • Custom Contract Types (Optional)

2. Working with Contracts

  • Create a Contract

    • Membership Agreement, a License Agreement, or a Lease Agreement.

  • Explain the settings of the contracts.

3. Contract Signing and Activation

4. Reviewing Contracts

  • Differentiate memberships attached to a contract.

  • Different stages of a contract and how to terminate it.

  • Common Contract Errors "Requires Attention" Signature Status

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